because cloud isn’t enough.

The continued growth of the IoT and the increasing use of AI technology, require rapidly accessible, decentralized solution approaches.

Although cloud computing has played an important role in processing and storing data in recent years, a centralized approach is no longer sufficient in the near future. Here are the 3 main reasons:

Data sets

Cloud systems must have the necessary computing power, storage capacity and network bandwidth to process this data effectively.


Otherwise, data transfer may be delayed or the system may be overloaded, resulting in degraded performance.

Energy consumption

The larger the data volumes become, the more energy is required for computing power, system cooling and transmission.

edge computing – the new role for hpc

SynaEdge is the managed platform for decentralized edge computing, focused on the needs of tomorrow.

With SynaEdge, we are developing a revolutionary edge computing platform in Switzerland to meet the exponential growth in data volumes and the goal of sustainability. Our concept involves the use of micro-datacenters at various locations that enable data to be processed quickly, decentrally and on demand at the edge.

Many existing HPC-based scientific and engineering applications will benefit with the use of edge data. On the commercial and dual-use side, prominent use cases for HPC include precision medicine, fraud and anomaly detection, business intelligence, smart cities development, and affinity marketing, in addition to urban traffic management and related automated driving systems.

the benefit is on the edge

With SynaEdge, you benefit from the advantages that edge computing offers without the effort previously required.


By networking the micro-datacenters, compute-intensive workloads can be processed on-demand and in real-time via our SynaEdge platform.


Our fully managed solutions are specifically designed to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 and enable both on-site and hybrid load balancing models.


With SynaEdge, we not only reduce latency and costs, but also increase network efficiency and data security.

don’t waste server heat

The platform orchestration with Smart Heating function ensures maximum energy efficiency

With SynaEdge, we are pursuing the goal of a low-emission, decentralized cluster infrastructure for next-generation HPC workloads. For this reason, we have thought one step further and equipped the platform with a Smart Heating concept. By centrally orchestrating the platform, we optimize energy consumption from each site and waste as little server waste heat as possible.

we start in zurich

Closer to the data, closer to climate change:
Edge computing makes it possible.

If you want to significantly reduce your consumption of fossil fuels, alternative heating of buildings with server waste heat is a simple but efficient option. You give SynaEdge a location for micro data centers in Zurich and we heat you up in a sustainable way. But you can also support CO2 reduction without siting. If you can’t or don’t want to set up your own micro-datacenter in the enterprise, but still need high compute power for AI or HPC workloads, you can source your resources on the SynaEdge platform. This gives us the computing power we need to heat the sites.

Our decentralized data center infrastructure solution is designed not only to reuse energy by heating sites, but also to be particularly economical in consumption.

Thanks to the economical consumption and reuse of energy, our solution incidentally reduces electricity & heating costs.


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