We don't follow technology trends, we optimize and guide them.

SynaEdge is a Swiss Cleantech startup based in Zurich and develops the HPC platform for sustainable edge computing.

The Executive Management of SynaEdge

Hannes Widmer


Anne-Katrin Michelmann

Chief Administrative & Commercial Officer

SynaEdge_Tobias Dehmel

Tobias Dehmel

Head Datacenter Infrastructure


Smart Energy Management

Consulting in the fields of renewable energies, energy management and energy storage.

Our most important milestones

SynaEdge’s journey began many years ago, born from the idea of sustainably optimizing edge computing with decentralized microdata centers and maximum energy efficiency.

Hannes Widmer, CEO of VirtualTec Solutions AG, starts working on the concept of "decentralized high-performance computing".
Hannes Widmer finds the solution to his waste heat problem in dehmel SYSTEMPLANUNG's 2phIC.com project and an important cooperation partner in Tobias Dehmel.
SynaEdge congratulates the 2phIC.com project on winning the Energy Globe Austria Award 2022 in the Fire category for the 2phase Immersion Cooling technology.
The cooperation SynaEdge becomes SYNAEDGE GmbH with headquarters in Zurich.
SynaEdge applies for the Swiss Innovation Challenge and may count itself among the 100 participants.

Our goal

With SynaEdge, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming the largest decentralized data center for AI workloads of the future. The more micro-datacenter sites we reach, the more SynaEdge stands out against traditional edge computing.


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