Edge computing is not defined by what it is, but where it is used

But if you still want to know the definition:

The term “edge” is derived from the English word for corner, edge or margin. An allusion to the fact that data processing in this approach is not centralized in the cloud, but decentralized at the edge of the network.

  • SynaEdge_Edge Computing Plattform
  • SynaEdge_Edge Computing Plattform
  • SynaEdge_Edge Computing Plattform
  • SynaEdge_Edge Computing Plattform
  • SynaEdge_Edge Computing Plattform

Improve deployment

of content and applications

The main goal of edge computing is to reduce network congestion and optimize application performance. This is achieved by performing the associated tasks closer to the end user.

Real-time bandwidth utilization and response

The geographical distance between the point of deployment and the data center significantly affects industry, business and production processes.

applications that require real-time responses, it is no longer practical to transfer all the collected data for processing in the data center. By pre-filtering the data to be transmitted and performing the calculations directly on site in physical proximity to the sensors and actuators, physical distance and transmission costs are reduced.

Edge Computing bietet Chancen in einem breiten Spektrum von Unternehmen

Edge Computing im industriellen Umfeld bringt die Bereiche IT und OT (Operational Technology) näher zusammen. Ein bereitgestelltes OT-Eco-System, DevOps-Methoden und Container-Technologien reduzieren Entwicklungszyklen. Ausserdem lassen sich Technologien, wie künstliche Intelligenz, Edge Analytics oder Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, so auch im OT-Umfeld nutzen.

On the edge of 5G

5G needs Edge more than Edge 5g

After all, you can do edge without 5G. But using edge computing with 5G creates incredible potential for augmented reality, among other things.

Improvements in 5G connectivity and increased computing power from edge computing will enable a new level of user interaction that occurs locally on AR devices. With better computer processing, users can expect more vivid and faster AR experiences in the near future.

  • SynaEdge_Edge Computing Plattform

Cloud is not enough

Combined with the mass adoption of 5G, the dramatic latency reductions that edge computing can provide will be a key component in bringing cloud gaming into the mainstream.

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